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"You can work long hours in a factory setting for Nike and you're still going to be really poor," Benjamin said. "It would take one of those workers over two months' salary to gucci leather shoes be able to buy a pair of Nike shoes."

Nike rakes in $9.6 billion a year and spends more than $1 billion a year in advertising. For less than 2 percent of its ad budget, or about $20 million, Nike could've doubled

the pay of its Indonesian workers, according to investment gucci sneakers manager John Harrington. He made that proposal at a meeting of Nike shareholders in September. It was rejected.

Meanwhile, Nike's Knight made $1.7 million in salary last year. That's more than 5,200 times the average pay for a worker in a Nike shoe for mens Knight's overall wealth is estimated at $3.5 billion!

Nike spokesman Vada Manager said the company's critics have overlooked reports by CARE (a global relief agency) and Dartmouth College. According to those studies, "Workers were

not only making enough to meet their basic needs, but had enough to send to their family members in rural areas and still have some discretionary income."

Of all the shoe companies, why does Nike get singled out for its labor practices? Because Nike is the world's dominant athletic-shoe company, their wages help set the standard

for how overseas workers are paid. gucci shoe outlet "It's hard for shoe companies to do the right thing," says Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange. "New Balance produces some parts in the U.S.,

and Reebok is trying harder than Nike to make improvements in factory conditions."

Bulls superstar Michael Jordan makes more than $35 million a year gucci online shoes playing basketball - and $40 million more in endorsements, at least half of that from his Nike deal. What has

Jordan had to say about Nike's labor practices? "I think it's Nike's decision to do what they can to make sure everything is correctly done," Jordan said in a 1996 New York

Times story. "I don't know gucci sneakers sale the complete situation. Why should I? I'm trying to do my job."