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The NFL has already discount nhl jerseys said no one's going to Los Angeles in 2015.

But at least the Raiders know they're staying in cheap authentic nhl jerseys Oakland for the time being.

According to the Associated Press, the nhl jerseys china Raiders are close to signing a one-year extension to stay at the Coliseum for 2015.

Owner Mark Davis said the agreement has been reached, and just needs to go through the paperwork phase with city, county and league officials.

What the Raiders want is a new building, somewhere. Frankly, their stadium is among the league's worst, which has led to flirtations with San Antonio and an eye on L.A.

"We want to be here," Davis said. "We're not using any other authentic nhl jerseys cheap place, city or whatever, as leverage. It's not that way. It's known that no matter what we do here, it will not be as valuable or economically as great for the Raiders as if we went somewhere else. That's known. But we still want to be here."

Davis also china nhl jerseys said he'd be willing to spend $500 million on a new stadium ?or about half of what one would cost.

This extension is far from a long-term fix, but it kicks the can down the road a year, until another replica nhl jerseys round of tax money chicken begins in earnest.